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Child Treatments

Instruction Leaflets

Fixed braces (PDF, 373Kb)
Cleaning fixed braces (PDF, 178Kb)
Retainers (PDF, 267Kb)
Functional braces for children (PDF, 284Kb)
Removable braces for children (PDF, 278Kb)

Fixed Appliances

The aesthetic brackets and self-ligating brackets can be used in children – have a look under the ADULT FIXED APPLIANCES section.


Functional Appliances

Functional appliances are used in children and are usually fitted to reduce the prominence of upper incisors and to improve the way the teeth bite together.

They usually consist of two removable appliances, one over the top teeth and one over the bottom teeth and alter the bite of the teeth by holding the lower jaw forwards.

They are only suitable for growing children but can produce great improvement in facial appearance and bite.