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New Patient Consultation£150 – £200
Review Appointments£95 – £150
Reports£150 – £200

Orthodontic Treatment
The cost of treatment will be confirmed in writing after the initial consultation; it will also include confirmation of an agreed treatment plan. The cost of orthodontic treatment varies depending on the individual; the complexity of the case and the choice of appliance used.

Fixed Brace Treatment (both jaws)£3,900 – £5,200
Fixed Brace Treatment (single jaw)£2,500 – £3,900
Treatment using a removable brace£1,800 – £2,900
Treatment using a functional brace£2,200 – £3,900
lnvisalign Treatment*£4,200 – £6,200
*Invisalign treatment is not suitable for everyone
Fixed retainer repair (to be determined at appointment)£150 – £300
Replacement of fixed retainer£195 each arch
Replacement of Essix retainer£150 each arch
Shock doctor mouth guard£50
Mouth Guard – custom made£150 – £200
Annual retainer review (post treatment)£195